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Recent Work (4 May - 1 June, 2001)

Robert McCurdy

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Veenetia Kapernekas Fine Arts proudly presents a solo show by artist, Robert McCurdy. Robert McCurdy has continued the surprising direction of his new portrait paintings, which he began working on in 1996. Having secured something of a reputation as a post minimalist in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the feel of these portraits may startle his followers.

However, McCurdy insists that they are the essentially the same, the main difference is the subject matter has entered the picture.
As with most minimalist, McCurdy “strips” the painting to its bare essentials. By creating an image where there is no evidence of the time before and after of the scene, he removes the history and place that is usually married to most realistic painting. McCurdy’s approach is quite neutral, and almost detached, works suggesting a photographic quality to its realism. McCurdy both challenged and defined the inherent rhetoric of his education during the popular rise of minimalism. As his work defines this minimalist nature, his work devoted to perfection and brings forth ones ability to see the truth in art.

For his current exhibition, Robert McCurdy has prepared one painting. The one piece is, Untitled, 73” x 68”, Oil on canvas. The following institutions are current collectors of Robert McCurdy’s works such as: The Frye Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art, Ringling Museum in Florida, Queens College, IBM, Coca-Cola Co.


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